Heather is a US resident, living with her husband in Southern Utah.

Born and raised in Australia, Heather, also a university-trained teacher, lived for a number of years in England and, in later years, on a South Pacific island.

From an early age Heather found that getting lost in the lives of the characters in the books she read was an inescapable part of her world. Writing began as oral storytelling with her young school friends crowding around to listen to her stories, which she developed in her imagination as she went along. While still in primary school she developed a love for recording the plots and twists in her stories.

Having lived for several years on a sugarcane property within driving distance of the Gympie goldfields, and having stayed with members of her extended family on their cattle stations, Heather writes about life that is familiar to her.

With an endless supply of plots and characters in her head, she continues to write preferring historical, fiction novels to other genres.

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