April Newsletter

Four of our good friends are preparing to go touring in their R.Vs. One couple will most likely go to Canada; the other couple to Olympic Peninsula. As we have sold our RV we won’t be able to go with either of them. It probably wouldn’t be a sensible thing to consider as our daughter-in-law, who is battling Stage 4 breast cancer metastasized to her liver, is having a hard time. Of course we hope for a ‘best case’ scenario for her, but no treatment seems to be effective at present. It’s not for the want of trying or hoping. She is a fantastic person who is trying to go on with life as much as she can.

With such pleasant weather we have been sitting on our back patio looking into our garden. We have a bed of a dozen beautiful roses covered in buds with a lengthy mauve wisteria draping the fence behind the bushes ladened with bunches of grape-like flowers. I’ve planted some heirloom/organic vegetables and I’m watching them carefully to see if they like the beds and placements I’ve found for them.

The Virgin River meandering through the landscape of Zion Canyon

The Virgin River meandering through the landscape of Zion Canyon

We went for a drive with our friends to Zion N.P., through the long tunnel and on towards Bryce Canyon N.P. We took the turning before Bryce and followed the paved road over the range to Cedar City. We thought we might go to Brian Head or another resort for lunch. It wasn’t long before we found snow covering the fields and forests either side of us. Also, we had good intentions of going to park by the side of Navajo Lake, but snow blocked the road. We couldn’t believe that in our town less than 70 miles away, it was free of snow and yet all the way to the outer limits of Cedar City it was covered with snow. Our male friend went dressed for the sunny weather in shorts and a tee shirt and he certainly felt the chill in the air when we pulled up to take a photo.

A brief stop at 9000 ft before dropping down to Cedar City

A brief stop at 9000 ft before dropping down into Cedar City

We thought we may have been able to go to see the log cabin of our friends’ family, but the road was impassable. It was very pleasant driving along and seeing the sun glinting off the snow. We made our way down into Cedar City and ate a delicious lunch at an excellent restaurant,  the “All American Diner”. We were given so much to eat that each of us could have shared our plates with another person. It was a busy place, just off the i15. Next time we’re going to travel west of the i15 and come in the back way to Cedar City before making our way back home. As the weather is still unsettled we have to postpone our outings for the time being.


More news of our April travels will be forthcoming later in the month. Enjoy the Spring break. Heather

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