June Newsletter

We have been on the move again. Our daughter-in-law has fallen ill once more. A previously diagnosed illness has re-emerged. This time she has a battle and everyone is rallying to help her fight her way back to wellness.

It took us eleven + hours of sometimes hazardous driving to reach their house. Leading up to the very long Eisenhower Tunnel (1.697 miles/2.73km)which has been cut through a peak on the Rocky Mountains, the weather was unpleasant. Rain or sleet just fell down so heavily that it ran down the mountain slopes and rushed across the road surface making it difficult to drive through. Traffic slowed to a crawl. Once we had crossed the mountains and reached the eastern side, the sun came out. Traffic increased as we moved toward the large city of Denver. Luckily the route allows us to skirt the western side of Denver and join the interstate highway (i25) that leads to our son’s city.

At present, we are ensuring our daughter-in-law receives as much attention and care as she requires. Many friends and other family members are spending time visiting and most are staying for a few days. The house is full of chatter, with lots of preparation of meals, and cleaning afterwards. When I have spare time, I read the novels I’ve brought with me and I try to write, but that is proving a little difficult. Within the household there are two dogs – one large and one medium – three pet rats in a huge cage, and two indoor cats, all of which need to be fed, watered and their toileting places cleaned.

It’s so different from being in our own home that it takes a little time to adjust. Back in our hometown they are experiencing temperatures up to, or over, 109F, while where we are now, it’s much cooler because it’s a higher elevation.  Snow is visible on Pike’s Peak and its adjacent mountains.

I hope you’re all enjoying life and especially, I hope you’ve had a chance to read my latest book – Golden Promise. It’s available on Amazon as an eBook and a paperback.

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