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Our Garden In Springtime

Our Garden In Springtime

Spring has arrived in my town and in my garden. Yellow and white miniature and double daffodils, white freesias, and a deep blue iris have opened their centers to the warmth of the sun. Sadly, there are no bees buzzing around their beautiful perfumed blooms.

We made a quick trip to the hardware store and bought lots of bags of manure and top dressing. It was quite a task to dig the compacted soil and lay the organic mix on top. One garden bed I’ve set aside for my vegetables. I’m hoping to grow my own organic produce this year. I had to remove some tired soil to make enough room to bury as much of the drum of compost deep down that I had been filling with vegetable and fruit scraps for the past few months. As the old soil came out I filled empty bags with it. The contents will be sprinkled over our front lawn as a crumbly top-dressing.

I have to plant tiny budding potatoes, Chard seedlings and cherry tomatoes, with a few lettuce plants thrown in, hoping to harvest enough for several meals from each variety. I have convinced myself that it’ll be the rich organic compost that will give me the edge this year between success and failure.

I not only eat more healthily than a few months ago, but I have a constant prodder to keep me more active. Writing is a very pleasing pastime but it also makes for a sedentary life style. I’m sure you all have one strapped to your wrist, but I have only acquired mine. It’s a Fitbit, which could rule or ruin my life, whichever way I care to look at it. I am always checking my water intake and the number of steps I’ve taken. So far, I enjoy the competition between it and me.

Toroweap Overlook - Colorado River 3000 ft below!

Toroweap Overlook – Colorado River 3000 ft below!

Recently, we went on a days’ outing with some friends to Toroweap Overlook on the north rim of the Grand Canyon. The latter part of the 120 mile trip included about 61 miles of dirt road. While traveling along it, the internal canopy part of the truck ended up being covered with a layer of brown dust. My black backpack took on shades of a grey dawn, as did our jackets and everything else we had stowed there to give us more leg room in the back seat. We needed the space for moving because the condition of the last 2.7 miles to the rim had us bouncing and falling and lurching against our seatbelts until we felt our butts were like tenderized slabs of steak. From more than 3000 feet above the Colorado River we could see three, yellow ant-sized rafts shooting the rapids. Each of the rafts had one occupant. When they pulled their rafts onto a sandy beach we decided to sit down and enjoy our picnic lunch, also. There were tiny mammals scurrying around the large boulders and eagles soaring overhead. No doubt not many people visited there as it took our friends’ high clearance, four wheel drive vehicle to get us there and even then we bottomed out several times, almost getting stuck straddling rocks along the ‘road’.  The last three miles was done in a slower time than if we had walked it.

The Rangers House

The Rangers House

We spoke to a ranger who was catching a newly arrived small plane to fly a circuit of the canyon which would only take him a couple of hours, but if he had to do it in a vehicle it’d take him a couple of days, or more. The plane had delivered his mail and goods. The pilot came frequently to see how everything was going. Sometimes another ranger kept him company. He has no cell phone coverage or electricity. But there is a reservoir above his house stretching between two small mountain slopes which collects fresh rainwater and he has solar panels to give him a few comforts of home. The ranger’s house is rather nice in appearance. The restrooms were in a very clean condition.

Me trying to cast 'eyelash' shadows on the stone 'face'

Me trying to cast ‘eyelash’ shadows on the stone ‘face’

As I’ve had a day off, a breather, it’s back to writing and forcing myself to get the remainder of the Naughty & Nice Series sent in as ebooks and even print copies. It’s difficult to get an unbroken length of time to get into formatting them all. I hope you are all sticking with me and not giving up on me.

Happy writing and I hope you’ll check out ‘Heather Whipp author central’ site on Amazon as I hope to have another book put on there this week.

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