May Newsletter

This is the third time I’ve written my May’s newsletter and each of the previous times I’ve been so distracted that I’ve accidentally erased the letter before I’ve had a chance to post it. So, here I go again. This time I’ll check everything before I depress any button on the keyboard.

May hasn’t been my best month. Our much-loved daughter-in-law passed away on May 2 at 10.55 p.m. She fought a courageous battle against breast cancer, but, although only 40 years old, she didn’t win the fight. She passed peacefully at home with our son holding her hand. We traveled to be with him when she took a turn for the worse. As we are still in Colorado Springs, I have had to leave the e-publishing of the remainder of my novels in the Naughty and Nice series at home. I have been so anxious to have them published and it seems the more I push for that outcome, the more obstacles cross my path. However, as soon as I am able to return to my home some hundreds of miles away, I’ll work hard to get them completed. I have covers and back cover blurb for the remaining 6 novels to finish developing.

We have made several journeys to Colorado Springs in the past. We find that the higher elevation certainly impacts our breathing when walking or climbing stairs. We’d love to do more walking on the bluffs behind our son’s house, but that entails walking up some steep inclines. There’s one place we intend going to visit. It’s close to i25 and the tourist spot of Garden of the Gods. It’s Glen Eyrie, a castle that was built in 18800’s by a railway man of Denver and Pacific railroad fame. Accommodation is provided in the castle, in a renovated coach house and other small dwellings. They provide scrumptious teas for paying visitors, for a reasonable price a tour with a guide, and a very tasty breakfast for the staying guests. Conferences or most other large gatherings can be held. There is a peaceful garden setting for silent contemplation and a trail walk. It’s good that there are other interesting places to go to apart from shopping and driving to Pike’s Peak, or to take a ride on the Cog Railway, all of which is a must do for all visitors and locals alike. Another very interesting place for a tour is the Air Force Academy. Anyone driving south on i25 can’t miss the large white buildings with the Rocky Mountains as their backdrop on the right hand side.

As I sit quietly most afternoons, reading, I find there are many ideas for another novel flitting through my head. Colorado Springs is a thought-provoking place for stirring anyone’s creative inclination. It’s a writer’s paradise with many clubs and conferences held here annually.

Happy writing and reading to all. Heather

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