May newsletter – No. 2

 May newsletter – No. 2

Photograph of Gunnison Reservoir, Colorado by Tom Whipp



We are home from spending two weeks at our son’s place in Colorado. And aren’t we lucky to have left when we did! We were undecided about leaving on Thursday as our son and d-i-law wanted us to stay until after Mother’s Day. However, we wanted to take a slower tour home through the inland route in western Colorado and stay over night somewhere if we felt like it. The picture above shows the Gunnison Reservoir and river system and the incredible day surrounded by so much bad weather…we were so lucky!

I say we were lucky in that the afternoon we left they were hit with a huge hail storm. It came down so thick and fast that it resembled a snow storm. It piled up everywhere as in a snowdrift but the weight of the ice was much heavier. There was flash flooding and damage.

That night a huge crack of thunder shook the windows and rattled the doors of the house. Our son didn’t know what had happened. He said the cat flew off the top of the chair and vanished into a hiding place. He didn’t know his cat could fly.

Then, early hours of the morning into the next day, there were so many flashes of lightning that he was awakened thinking someone was in the house turning lights on and off rapidly. One of the lightning strikes hit their back lawn.

Today, he says there is flooding in the low-lying areas.

We are so pleased we took notice of the quiet voice to leave when we did. We met rain on and off on our way home but we were very thankful that we seemed to have skirted around the huge storm cells that are still threatening to bring snow overnight to our son’s area and into the plains region.

We had a very productive time with our family but both my husband and myself suffered by being in the higher altitude. We spent most of the time catching our breath when we had to walk up stairs or an incline. Some headaches and pains in the stomach were also felt off and on.

During our road trip back home we saw one of the most scenic areas of Colorado, around Gunnison Reservoir and its surrounding district.( SEE PHOTO ABOVE). All the way through to Cimarron it was mountain and meadow scenery. We intend returning when the weather warms up and the wildflowers are out. The animals and trees are still emerging from Winter. We would have stayed longer this time but all the accommodation was taken  by people attending graduation for the university students who studied at the Gunnison campus.

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