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My Favorite Coffee Shop


I am fortunate to live almost opposite a major market store wherein ‘perks’ my favorite coffee shop – Café Ibis.

Every morning between the hours of 9 and 11, my husband and I ‘stagger’ across to sip on a coffee of choice in what we regard as the best coffee shop in our developing city. I say ‘stagger’ because we aren’t early risers; hence, any time in a long time line. It depends on our lateness to bed the previous night.

Usually we are able to deposit ourselves into the puffy leather loungers placed in a quiet area towards the shop’s rear. There we open up our iPad or in my case I open a novel I’ve brought along. Sometimes, up-to-date magazines are left scattered on top of the small table around which we are seated. Most mornings the sun beats in and the area glows adding to the feeling of warmth and comfort.


Sometimes we aren’t alone. We’ve met some interesting people over the past year. One man who seems to smile permanently introduced himself to us, making us aware that he belonged to a particular religious faith that encourages witnessing for Christ. O-oh!

There’s another plumpish teenager who arrives earlier than we do. Five days a week he is usually sound asleep in one of the chairs. When he awakens he busily pulls out his cell phone but no verbal conversation takes place. There’s no drink in front of him or food scraps from a snack and no sign of a backpack for high school. He leaves almost the same time each day, before school starting time. I think he’s whiling away the time for a particular reason. I’ve come to the conclusion after noting he checks the time quite a lot, that his mother has probably sent him out to walk each morning, possibly as part of trying to make him more active and get his weight down. I can almost hear her now. “I told the doctor you are spending too much time in front of the computer. Reports from your school say that you appear tired in class. The doctor said that you have to go for a walk each day before school.” O-oh!

Another time we met a gentleman who came to have a coffee in peaceful surroundings. Perhaps Mum was at home trying to get the children fed and off to school and the place was in an uproar. O-oh!


Just this week a gentleman carrying a camera sat in one of the chairs. After he said “Good morning”, he mentioned that he liked to photograph people. I mentioned that it’s advisable to get permission before he takes photographs or the subject might object or sue him for taking a photo without their say-so. Not long afterwards his wife turned up. She had been shopping. We enjoyed a conversation with them and it appeared that they had worked overseas for a time as we had done. He has a large collection of cameras and a glider. We have an invite to see his collection but we won’t be taking him up on flying in the glider. I think he may be the fellow who flies around the walking trails near our home in his ‘kite’ plane. I often wonder what happens if the engine stops in one of those motorized hang gliders. Does he have a parachute strapped on? Would he even have enough height to jump out in plenty of time before the said hang glider hits the rough terrain? O-oh!

We love our coffee shop. They serve wonderful coffee and have such great baristas.

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